The Office for Black Catholics serves African American Catholics within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in collaboration with local parishes to evangelize and celebrate the contributions of the Black Catholic community. The Office of Black Catholics is committed to evangelization and building a faith community that is truly Black, authentically Catholic, and an integral part of the Universal Church.

News from CatholicPhilly

Australian bishops: Increase minimum wage to support low-paid workers

“Neither employers nor governments are doing enough to support low-paid Australians, and particularly Australian families,” the bishops said.

Giving up Lenten sacrifices? Not so fast

While some Christians eschew giving up meat during Lent, John Garvey still likes to eat the Filet-o-Fish sandwich. He knows the wisdom, and Christ’s instructions, in welcoming modest penitential practices.

Solidaridad con una madre que lamenta la muerte de su hijo

Algunas comunidades católicas recuerdan a María en Sábado Santo como Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, recordando la manera como ella tuvo que haberse sentido después de perder a su hijo, hallarse sin su tesoro más preciado y verse más vulnerable que nunca como mujer.

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